Python Flask Web Development

Overview of Flask & How to Install Flask

  • What is Flask?
  • Why learn Flask (especially as your first python web framework)?
  • How does Flask compare to other frameworks (Flask vs. Django)?
  • How to install PIP (Python’s Package Manager)
  • How to install Flask

Hello World & Flask Application Structure

  • How to Initialize an application with Flask
  • Overview of the Hello World application
  • How Route and View functions work in Flask
  • Running your Server
  • Additional Links & Helpful Resources

Flask Templates, Jinja2 Tutorial, Bootstrap Integration, and Custom Error Pages

  • Why Templates are Important
  • Business Logic vs. Presentation Logic
  • Overview of Templates
  • How Flask Templates are Rendered using the render_template() Function
  • Jinja2 Templates: Variables
  • Jinja2 Templates: Control Structures
  • Template Inheritance and Block Tags
  • Bootstrap Integration with Flask using Flask-Bootstrap Extension
  • Flask-Bootstrap’s Base Template Blocks
  • Building out Custom Error Pages
  • Interlinking Pages Together using url_for()
  • Relative vs. Absolute URLs
  • Dynamic Routes
  • Static Files in our Application